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Saving money through your own car wash

If you have your own vehicle fleet, you know how difficult it is to keep the cars always looking attractive and clean. Road grime, rain, snow and oil are eternal companions on the road. Whether you are a haulier, have your own car hire business or manage a bus company – in principle, the vehicles are your rolling advertisement.

Cleanliness and safety are your business card

The same way you pay attention to your cars' safety and put them through meticulous checks and speedy repairs, you should also pay attention to their cleanliness. If your company's name is only read on dirty, dusty or muddy cars, that's not a good advertisement. Gleaming and sparkling, well-maintained vehicles, on the other hand, increase customer interest.

Having your own car wash pays off

If you take your vehicles after each trip or at least regularly for cleaning, a car wash can quickly pay for itself. Calculate roughly how many vehicles you use and how often you have them cleaned. It usually does not take long for the purchase price of your own car wash to be paid off. In addition, you save yourself the journey to the public car wash. This will not only save you fuel in your daily work but also time. And the latter factor is a precious resource, especially for hauliers. If you have your own car wash on your company premises, professional washing is only a matter of minutes. As quickly as possible, your vehicles are back on the roads looking spotlessly clean and heading towards their next destination.

Simple calculation examples based on WashTec leasing offers

You can easily calculate for yourself how quickly the system can pay for itself. With the advantageous leasing offer from WashTec for gantry car washes, you can wash from an economical €2.41 per wash. Included in this price are costs for maintenance, chemicals, for fresh and waste water as well as electricity. The contract runs for 84 months, leaving a residual value of five percent. You pay an average of eight euros per wash at an external car wash. If you wash 20 cars every 22 working days a month, your savings through your own system will be just under €30,000 after only one year.

The situation with commercial vehicle systems is quite similar. They are significantly larger and more complicated to clean than cars; accordingly, washing them is also more expensive. At an external car wash, you pay here on average around €45. With the leasing offer from WashTec, which is again set up for a term of 84 months, the price for a wash including maintenance, chemicals, water and electricity is only €15.23. If you own a fleet of 25 commercial vehicles and wash each of them three times a month, your annual saving compared with washing at an external wash facility is €26,793. Another point to consider is that the wash is wonderfully fast. Within only seven minutes, an 18-metre-long vehicle is spotlessly clean again. If, contrary to expectations, something goes wrong with your car wash, one of WashTec's more than 250 service employees in Germany is always there for you.

Tailored to your precise needs

At public car washes, you always have to hope that there are suitable programs for your vehicles and especially your superstructures. But if you buy your own car wash for your business, nothing is left to chance. You can specify exactly what you need and get the perfect wash facility. Is the space limited at your site? This is not a problem as the systems are designed to be compact. Space is not an issue, but sometimes multiple trucks need to be cleaned at the same time? This, too, is easy to implement thanks to individual planning.

The car washes that you can install for your vehicles on the company's own premises come with a water conditioning system, helping to keep your extra water costs manageable. You receive detergents that are specially tailored to the needs of your fleet, plus high-quality, modern cleaning elements.

Easy operation and possible source of income

Since the car wash systems are intuitive to operate, your drivers can wash their vehicles themselves – even after your office hours, if this is when they return. Of course, when the system is installed, there will be an introduction into using the system for all employees in the company who should be familiar with it.

Depending on the type of facility and the demand in your company's local area, you can also open the car wash to other people if the foot traffic is compatible with the safety measures on your site. This way, you not only save having to wash at an external facility, but also earn something with your own.