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Business equipment – a checklist for prospective car wash operators

Business equipment is not one of the major points on the acquisition list when starting up a car wash business – in contrast to the installation itself and to the site on which it stands, the equipment and fittings constitute only a relatively minor point. Nevertheless, you should make a list in advance so that you do not forget anything important. What exactly you need, however, depends on the size of the facility you are planning.

1. Tools are part of the operating equipment of every car wash operator

Admittedly, in many modern car washes, the number of tools that need to be readily accessible in order to maintain it has decreased significantly compared to earlier times. Nevertheless, you can't do without them. When setting up the system, have the expert show you exactly where you need which tools for which type of problem or failure. You should always have these on site so that you are not left stranded in case of emergency – for example, although you can contact our maintenance experts at short notice, it's best if you can also help yourself.

2. Cleaning tools are part of the operating equipment

The equipment and fittings include all independent movable items that are not used directly in the service or production process, but which ensure that it can run smoothly and without interruption. Accordingly, this also includes the cleaning tools that you use to prepare your yard in which the car wash stands for the customers. For example, in autumn it is necessary to remove leaves from the ground and in winter it is necessary to remove the snow and take action against black ice so that your customers can access your car wash unhindered. Brooms, buckets, rakes and snow shovels, for example, with which you and your employees keep things tidy, are part of the company equipment.

3. Office furniture and business equipment for larger car washes

self-service facility, which you simply equip with an automatic machine, does not need any office equipment of course. If, however, you have set up an office in the checkout area, all the kit used here is also part of the business equipment – for instance your computer, from which you maintain your website, implement social-media-strategies and do the payroll for the employees. Your office furniture, equipment such as printers, but also smaller purchases such as paper, pens, punches, staplers, paper clips, etc. are also part of the business equipment. The same applies to all utensils that the cashiers have at the checkout, such as Post-its and ballpoint pens, but also pennants with the logo of your company. This also includes telecommunications and IT systems that you use in your office and at the checkout.

4. Furniture for staff rooms and storage areas

With self-service facilities, of course, you have no staff rooms for your employees. In larger car washes, however, where some employees who work outside come into contact with water in all weathers, a staff room for their breaks is always convenient. Employees can take off their wet outerwear here and make themselves comfortable on benches or chairs. Cloakrooms and lockers for clothes are important here, and possibly also a refrigerator for your employees. Also make sure there are rubbish bins in the sanitary areas. Sturdy shelves or cabinets where you can safely store cleaning chemicals are also important. They need to be easily accessible, but not accessible to customers' children, for example, and at the same time far away from where your employees store food.

Summary: Business equipment covers many areas of working life

Your business equipment is primarily those movable items that are associated with the administration and management of the business. Up to a cost of €150.00 you can post them directly as business expenses. By contrast, you can write off major purchases annually in the balance sheet. Business equipment includes items that you cannot post under "Advance payments and assets under construction", "Land and buildings" or "Technical equipment and machinery".