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These giveaways should not be missing in any car wash

Giveaways are small low-cost items that can have a big impact. You give them to your customers in the car wash. Your advantage is that your customers will be reminded of your car wash when they use it. There are several different giveaways that serve their purpose in different ways.

Giveaways that are directly related to the car

If you donate a small, useful item for the car, your customers will be reminded of you when using it. By way of illustration, they are already sitting in the car at this moment in time and can decide spontaneously that it is actually time to wash their car again. This category includes, for example, microfibre cleaning cloths for the dashboard, ice scrapers and cardboard parking discs. These items are always in use, and when the customer sees the name of the car wash staring them in the face, the notion of the car wash is always anchored in the back of their mind. Another option is to obtain covers for driver's licence and vehicle documents - useful, always in use and also associated with the car. All these goodies do not cost much in large quantities, but can have a good effect.

Giveaways that play a role in everyday life

It's not essential that your giveaways have something to do with the car. The decisive factor is that your customers always pick them up and use them. This is the case with pens, for example. In every household, pens are used for a variety of notes and messages. Having your name on them serves as a constant reminder to your customers and ensures "Oh, I could take the car to the car wash again" moments. The same applies to lanyards with the name of your car wash. Small notebooks or even better pocket diaries are also very good. Anyone who uses something like that often makes entries - and reads your name on the cover every single time.

Giveaways for children

Naturally, when you hand out small gifts to children, they do not care which name it says. However, parents do not forget this kind gesture and remember your car wash as a place of friendliness. For young children balloons are very popular (you can have them printed with your name as well), whilst primary school children and those slightly older are more fascinated by toy cars or a Top Trumps card game. All these gifts can be produced and printed in large quantities. However, you should be careful with sweets. Not all parents like to see someone giving their children a minipack of jelly beans. It is safer to limit yourself to inedible gifts.



Your giveaways do not have to be of outstanding quality and should not leave a big dent in your budget. The important thing is that they serve their purpose and keep your customers constantly reminded that it's time for a car wash again. This is also achieved by considering the customers' children. But do not think giveaways will relieve you of the need to be friendly to your customers! Even small presents only convey a good feeling when handed out with a smile.

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