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Sustainable car washing – everything you need to know about water efficiency and water recovery

Water is a particularly precious commodity and should be used sparingly. The continuous further development of modern car washes also increases water efficiency – often only about 15 litres of fresh water are needed for a car wash. The rest is mainly water, which has already been used for washes and then recycled for reuse in the respective systems.

Are water recovery systems worthwhile?

Absolutely. As the operator of a car wash, you have to integrate a water recycling system anyway – you are not allowed to discharge the waste water directly into the sewer system unfiltered after washing. What could be better than going one step further and re-using the purified water? Your water bills are thus only a fraction of what you would have to pay without water recovery. This saves you well over 100 litres of water per car wash! Therefore, it is not only the environment that thanks you, but also your wallet, if you reuse the water.

Which system is the best?

In general, it cannot be said that one system for water recovery is significantly better than another, as they are available for different needs. Some of them are designed for a particularly high washing volume and are well suited for very busy, large car wash facilities. Others are smaller and more compact. They save space during installation, if there is only a little of it anyway, and clean the water particularly thoroughly. 

There are also many different ways that water can be treated to make it easy to use in the car wash. If, for example, you attach great importance to a purely biological cleaning process, this is also possible. This allows you to make your mark in the industry at a time of increasing awareness of the planet.

This is what you must pay attention to when recovering water

Water recovery should not only protect your wallet and the environment, but should also run smoothly and clean the water in such a way that it is perfectly usable for car washing. This means, for example, that not too much lime should remain in the water, as lime spots can form on the paintwork after drying. Furthermore, the system should require as little maintenance as possible. After all, you have better things to do in your day-to-day business than to constantly take care of the water recovery system.

Summary: Water recovery is worthwhile in several respects

If you want to keep your operating costs as low as possible, have little to do with the system and protect the environment, a water recovery system is the ideal solution for you. They are available for all types of systems so you can choose the right one for your needs. If you pay attention to the right water treatment for your car wash, the system will pay for itself within a reasonable time frame. By using special organic systems, you also win over particularly environmentally conscious customers