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Special offers in your car wash – Ideas for your advertising campaigns

Special offers at the car wash are a reliable way of attracting interested customers who you can then convince with your expertise to come back. However, you should advertise such promotions both online and on the premises of the car wash itself – they do not help if nobody knows about them. We have a few suggestions for you.

The marketing campaign for the start or opening of a new car wash

Especially when opening the car wash it is necessary to draw attention to the service with special offers. But also after a longer holiday or a renovation you can carry out an advertising campaign when resuming business, so that new customers can get to know the car wash. Offer your car wash services, for example for half price. Just one day is enough – you are not supposed to make a loss. If, for example, you choose a Saturday and draw attention to this special offer in advance with posters, online notices and perhaps a newspaper ad, you can reach many potential new customers. 

Advertising campaigns – examples for regular customers

Naturally, you want customers to come back as often as possible. You can achieve this by issuing loyalty cards, which, for example, always give customers a 10% discount – or a free pre-wash. Another possibility is that you allow a kind of unlimited offer, where customers pay a fixed price per month and can have their car washed as often as they like. Regular customers also receive your newsletter, in which you inform them about every upcoming promotion so that they never miss a day with reduced prices.  

Happy hour marketing campaign

You can also encourage customers to come back with a happy hour. For one hour they get a considerable discount on all washes (about 20 to 50%). You should carefully consider when to set this hour – if you set it for a time shortly after work, you will probably have a full forecourt, but in relative terms take less. If you want to offer a happy hour on a regular basis, a time when most people don't have time to have their car washed is more appropriate. If you make your happy hour offer between eight and nine in the morning, many of your customers are on their way to work. For some older car wash customers, who find there is too much bustle in the evening or at weekends, this happy hour can be worth it!

The advertising campaign for anxious people

Some people are very anxious about driving into a car wash. They do not feel well inside the car during the wash, or they are worried that they cannot drive straight in and may perhaps cause some damage. For these people, you can set up a special day when your employees can, upon request, drive the cars into the facility free of charge and hand them back to their owners after washing. 

Advertising campaigns – ideas for the different seasons

When the days start to get shorter and slush and chippings put a strain on the car, you can make special offers on underbody washing. That is particularly important in winter. In summer, however, when pollen, resin and dead insects stick to the paintwork, you can give a discount on the wax finish. In spring, on the other hand, many people are interested in careful cleaning and a thorough makeover – here you can offer a reduced rate for interior cleaning in addition to car washing for a limited period, so that your customers coast into spring with a clean car inside and out.   

Special offers – be inspired by everyday life!

There are many different special offers to attract and retain new customers. Whether you carry out regular campaigns, plan fixed days or just occasionally carry out special promotions, such as Father's Day, is up to you. The decision also depends to an extent on your customers and how often you can or want to afford discounts. If there are too many special offers in your car wash, some customers may only come when these are on. It is better to keep the special offers to a minimum and only offer regular discounts to regular customers.

WashTec will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the successful marketing of your car wash!