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Manual vs. automatic - why automatic car washing is better

People who wash their cars often rely on hand washing for their cars at home. After all, when washing by hand, you can see much better which places need special attention, right? That's not quite true. If you also still wash your set of wheels by hand, the following information might be of great interest to you. If you want the best for your car, you might want to rethink.

Hand wash or automatic wash?

Washing your car at home in some areas, such as many parts of Germany, is no longer allowed. Residues of oil and fuel get into the groundwater too easily, quite apart from the detergents, which cannot be properly disposed of.

Where washing by hand is still allowed, however, other problems arise. Since the sponges and brushes cannot be professionally cleaned, small particles of dirt get caught in them, which you hardly notice, but can leave fine scratches in the paintwork. As a result, the protection against environmental pollutants is diminished. Dirt can settle in these micro scratches, eventually causing rust. With high-quality automatic car washes such as those from WashTec, the fibers are specially developed for the brushes. They do not roughen through wear and do not trap any dirt particles. This means they clean thoroughly without damaging the paintwork.

When washing by hand at home, it is almost impossible to use just the right amount of water to actually get rid of all the dirt. Especially the paler patches of dirt often remain after superficial cleaning. Modern systems for car washing are set up so that the perfect amount of water is used. If a recycling program is installed, despite careful cleaning of the car, only very small amounts of fresh water are needed per wash.

If you use special detergents for your car when washing by hand, the paintwork may lose its shine over time. Many manufacturers rely on overly aggressive detergent cleaners to achieve fast results, but which make the paintwork dull and unsightly. This loss of sheen is gradual, so you may not notice it or think it is normal. This need not be the case. In high-quality systems for car washing, equipment and cleaning products can be tuned to one another and thus achieve the best possible clean. This means that customers can rest assured that their vehicles are not only cleaned, but also protected. Long-lasting shine, good results and a non-polluted environment are several pluses for car wash operators and car owners alike

However, if you would like to concentrate on specific areas of your car, it is best to drive to a self-service car wash. The lances and brushes that are used here are not only high-quality, but are also regularly cleaned and replaced by the operators. Make sure that the brushes at the self-service station are clean and, if necessary, contact the operator if you have any concerns. This enables you to follow your washing routine without unknowingly damaging the paintwork by using the wrong cleaning equipment and products.