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Effectively remove dog hair and doggie smell from the car – the best tips

If you take your dog with you on your journeys, you will know the typical doggie smell in the car as well as the hairs that get stuck everywhere. If you get a dog owner's car to clean in the car wash, you should extend the normal interior cleaning by a few steps. You can find out what these are here.

Removing dog hair from the car – how to start

First remove all items left in the car by the owner and store them in a safe place. Then let the ventilation run at full power for a few minutes to remove dust and animal hair from it. Turn off the ventilation and allow any dust and hair time to settle. The next step is to wipe all plastic surfaces with a duster.

You should remove the carpets from the footwells and from the boot of the car as far as possible. Beat them out thoroughly on the grate. Then brush them with a soft brush, to which the dog hair sticks well, allowing you to easily remove it. Then use a carpet shampoo as usual for cleaning.

How to remove dog hair from the car interior

Some dog owners reserve the boot, others a car seat for their dog. In the respective place, you will find a particularly large accumulation of hairs, but the hairs also float through the air, before finally settling everywhere. To remove these hairs from the upholstery, you should use a special attachment for animal hair on the vacuum cleaner. You can use both a wet and a dry vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, there are also hand vacuum cleaners that have been specially designed to remove animal hair. 

For tight corners or niches that cannot be easily reached with a vacuum cleaner and attachment, it is best to use household gloves. The hair sticks very well to their rubber and you can easily remove it. You can also clean hard-to-reach corners with your fingertips. All you have to do is run your gloved hands over the corresponding areas and the hairs will stick. This procedure is not suitable for large areas, however, as it would take a great deal of time.

Doggie smell in the car disappears with interior cleaning

After you have removed the dog hair from the upholstery and from the boot, you will notice that the doggie smell still lingers in the car. Now proceed with normal upholstery cleaning. In most cases this cleaning will help to get rid of the animal odour – the cleaner in combination with a steam vacuum cleaner penetrates deep into the fibres and loosens even deep-seated dirt, which causes the odour.

How to remove stubborn doggie smell from your car

If you notice that the doggie smell in the car has not completely disappeared even after deep cleaning, there are other options. You can use special deodorants that have been developed specifically to combat animal odours. They contain microorganisms that neutralise odours. This means that these deodorants not only mask the doggie smell in the car, but actually make it vanish. 

Ozone treatment helps as an alternative. In this case, however, the car owner would have to leave the car with you for a little longer. Depending on the size of the car and the intensity of the doggie smell, the treatment can take between eight and 24 hours. The ozone reacts with the molecules of the substances that produce the odour and binds them. This way the unpleasant smell disappears. In addition, the ozone also destroys bacteria, fungi and other possible pathogens – it disinfects the car from the ground up. You can recommend this type of cleaning to car owners who want their car interior to be cleaned thoroughly of dog hair and doggie smell.  

Summary: Dog hair and doggie smell in the car require additional cleaning steps

In order to effectively combat dog hair and doggie smell in the car, you need to extend the normal interior cleaning a little. Before you can clean the carpets and upholstery, the hair has to be removed with special brushes and vacuum cleaner attachments. You first tackle the doggie smell in your car with conventional interior cleaning. If it still hasn't gone, you can use a special deodorant against animal odour or use an ozone treatment not only to remove the odour but also to disinfect the car from the ground up.