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Create your own logo – stand out with your car wash

If you want to start your own car wash business, you will need to create your own company logo or hire someone to do it for you before starting your business. The former requires skill and training, while the latter is not entirely inexpensive. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the logo, which is the symbol of your company.

These professionals can design your logo

If you want a professional to create your logo, you can either contact a design agency or an independent designer. In both cases, you can check out the respective website to see whether the ideas of the experts appeal to you. You explain to the respective designer what you have in mind, or give them a free hand if you have no ideas.

For a professionally designed logo you have to dig deep into your pocket. For small designers you can expect around 500 euros, for agencies more - this scale has no limit. Prices that are significantly lower are often a sign of designers with little experience - or they are part-time designers who work with templates. Quality work comes at a price. 

You will usually be presented with several logos to choose from. Often they are initially in black and white. Colour and font suggestions are also provided. This way the designer involves you in the design and ensures that the logo is created according to your ideas.

Is it possible to buy logos?

In fact, there are platforms on the Internet where designers offer ready-made logos for sale. Most of them are designs that a previous customer has decided against. The problem with these logos is that they were not designed specifically for your company and are therefore not a perfect match.

How to create your own logo

If you are creative and have a fairly accurate idea of your logo, you can also design it yourself. However, there are a number of tips you should consider:

  • With colours, less is more.
  • The image must be simple and clearly recognisable.
  • Avoid overly ornate fonts.
  • Design a logo that is clear enough to be printed and easily recognisable in black and white.

You should also have a look around the car wash industry before you get down to work. A fancy logo with a wave and a car may look dynamic and catchy, but someone probably already had this idea before you. If they have had it protected, you are not allowed to use anything yourself that looks too similar to this logo.

Designers use vector graphics programs such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. However, these are not free of charge. For a simple logo that you only want to print and use on the Internet, free programs like Gimp are generally sufficient. However, make sure you have a resolution of at least 300 dpi! Otherwise the logo will appear slightly blurred.

It is also important that you choose the CMYK colour mode for printing and RGB mode for use on the web. First create the logo for printing and then convert it for the web application.

Logo generators

With a logo generator, such as those found online, you can create your company logo without having to learn how to use image editing programs. With these, you use ready-made elements and combine them as you wish. However, a logo created in this way is not eligible for protection. This means that if someone else likes it, they can copy it without you being able to do anything about it.

Summary: There are different ways to create a logo

A logo gives your company an identity. Accordingly, it should be perfectly tailored to your car wash. Designers certainly deliver the best work here, but not everyone can afford them during the start-up phase. Alternatively, you can use a logo generator yourself or, if you can use them, create your logo with a vector graphics program. A unique, well-suited and simple logo goes well on the car wash, business cards, all documents for company correspondence and all websites. It sticks in the minds of your customers and reminds them of your company.