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Bring the show effect into your car wash

Some customers always find it exciting to sit in the car wash inside their cars and watch how the nozzles and brushes around them do their work. It is precisely this clientele who will enjoy having a solid foam curtain descend on their cars and completely cover it with a thick foam. You can integrate a foam option such as this into your system for example with FoamSensation. The usual process is made more exciting by a curtain of foam illuminated with coloured LED lights. Outdoor car washes don't have to miss out on this show effect thanks to FoamTastic, which makes complete and illuminated foam application possible in these systems, too.

Beautifully colourful

Regardless of whether a gantry car wash or conveyor tunnel system, the automatic wash process always starts with the coloured foam application. With FoamSensation, which is attached to the roof dryer or to the entrance gantry, a solid curtain of high-quality foam flows down, completely enveloping the car. Illuminated by LED lights, it displays bright colours. You get to choose the colours on the control and set which patterns you want them to make. You have the choice between strobe light, flashing and steady light as well as a transition from one colour to the other. This is not only fun for the car owners, but especially for their children.



Excellent results

Since the roof dryer is height adjustable, the curtain of high-quality foam can always be directed so that it reaches all parts of the car. Even if the option has not been used for a long time, fine, high-quality foam is produced within seconds – the system is therefore always ready for use. In conjunction with the pre-wash and the brushes, the cleaning foam ensures perfect results all around. It dissolves dirt gently and reliably and is gentle to the paintwork.

Check the options for retrofitting now

You can have FoamSensation integrated directly into a brand-new car wash, but retrofitting to an older system is no problem either. For existing gantry car washes and conveyor tunnel systems, there are separate units that make the magical foam effect possible for the cars. For conveyor tunnel systems, you can either attach FoamSensation directly to the entrance gantry or use a separate arch. When you contact us, we will be happy to advise you of your options. Even with self-service systems, customers do not have to miss out on the foam fun. With the power foam option on self-service systems, it is also possible for car wash customers to coat their cars with a full and effective blanket of foam. This is not only a fun thing to do for the person washing their car, but also ensures brilliant results.

Summary: Voluminous foam attracts customers

Whether FoamSensation, FoamTastic or power foam, all foam options offer you an important advantage over your competition. Many customers prefer to drive to the car wash with the colourful lights if they have the choice. Above all, the power of children is not to be underestimated here. You will have customers with children queueing up outside your car wash. You can recoup the investment within a short period of time as FoamSensation gives you a USP that attracts customers to your car wash. In all likelihood, social media will also help here. Customers record the colourful experience and share it with their friends. In this way, the colourful foam is almost an advert for itself.


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