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Advertising signs and billboards for your car wash - The best tips

Billboards and advertising signs can capture the interest of your potential customers within seconds – if they are designed properly. If you have a car wash on a busy road, you should attract attention to your business. Why should customers wash at your car wash? What do you have that others may not have? The possibilities are endless, but what you should consider when designing the advertising, you can find out here.

In the blink of an eye

Most passers-by only see posters for about five seconds, for detailed information there are other advertising channels. Within this short time, they should therefore be able to see what it is all about, whose advertising this is and what the added value is. The design must be clearly recognisable. This works in several ways:

  • Do not incorporate more than five components in the poster. This is enough excitement for the eye and brain, which only perceives something when passing by or driving past.
  • The first thing you should look at is the main subject. Experienced media designers can direct attention to the desired points one after the other – in descending order of importance.
  • Strong contrasts produce easily recognisable details. This applies both on the poster and in the surrounding area: On a white wall the advertising signs should have a dark background, on a dark wall a light one. But always be sure to incorporate your company colours.
  • Texts should be very concise and should not contain more than five words. In conjunction with the subject, this is normally easily enough to convey the desired message. An advertising sign or poster should be kept as simple as possible so that everyone understands it immediately.
  • Include your logo in such a way that it is not the main subject, but can be quickly identified and assigned. It has a recognition factor and people immediately know what it's all about – especially in regional advertising.

Humour always attracts

If possible, include a humorous component in your posters. This can be a funny situation in the car wash or with a freshly washed car. Or maybe you have a funny cartoon image designed? With car washes, for example, you can play with the contrast between clean and dirty vehicles. The fact is that funny, original posters quickly have everyone talking about them. People take pictures of them, show them to their friends and share them on the internet. This way you don't have to do anything yourself while your advertising campaign is spreading. If you can't find anything explicitly funny that could be associated with your car wash, at least ensure positive emotions: advertising should always convey a good feeling.

Establish a regional connection

You operate a car wash in a specific region – so use anything that makes a regional connection for your advertising signs and posters. If, for example, there are certain festivities or events, you can incorporate these ("Wash your car for the wine festival, "First soapy water, then soap box" or similar). People are attracted to advertising that has something familiar – they can identify with it, that's close to them.

Design two different sets of advertising signs

Advertising can work on different levels. On the one hand, it is meant to embed your car wash in people's minds permanently. On the other hand, you can also share short-term information with it. So have one or two timeless posters designed that are universal and valid long-term. These are designed to keep your car wash in the public eye. Building on the concept of these posters, you can then have further signs designed as required, for example announcing seasonal discounts or special promotions. You can strategically place these at your car wash and, by arrangement, at petrol stations, car dealerships and, for example, at car parks in large shopping centres – in other words, wherever as many drivers and potential customers as possible can see them.

Summary: Simple, funny, easily recognisable – this is how poster advertising works

Advertising signs and posters can ensure at a glance that your car wash is always present to potential customers in your area. All you have to do is follow the rules for this type of advertising. The posters should be simple and the themes easy to understand. Strong contrasts and keeping words to a minimum help. Humour is recommended, and triggering a positive feeling in the viewer is essential. And if you also include a regional reference in the advertising, it will appeal to many car owners in your area.

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