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A leader in the vehicle washing business.

With around 35,000 installed washing facilities worldwide, and more than 2 million vehicles washed every day with WashTec technologies, our scale is unparalleled: we are the undisputed market leader of the car wash industry. WashTec has subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe and the U.S., in China and the Czech Republic, and operates through numerous independent sales partners in more than 70 countries. Our area-wide service network includes over 600 of our own technicians in Europe and 300 technicians at sales partners. Thanks to our proximity to the individual markets, we understand their respective needs, which allows us in turn to gear our solutions to meet them.

An ongoing tradition of innovation.

As the world market leader, and the inventor of the gantry car wash we continue to innovate in the vehicle washing business. From the ongoing perfecting of the equipment through to leading-edge digital solutions as well as new products in the field of washing chemicals, our innovations are driven by the needs of our customers and operators.

Some of our most recent innovations include:

iWash: Allows car wash customers to compose their wash programme according to their needs.

MultiFlex: The flexible side washer cleans hatchbacks thoroughly – and responds to the increased numbers of SUVs and other hatchback vehicles on the road.

TecsLine: Cleaning and care chemicals for customers who require the best.

Advanced Chemical System (ACS): The intelligent cartridge solution for easy refilling without the hassle of spillages and mix-ups.

SelfTecs: Wash and polish in one programme step.

Ideas that set standards. Worldwide.